About me

About Tricia

For 30 years Tricia has been listening to people as they’ve shared stories of the pivotal moments and events that helped shape their lives. From there she has used her skills to locate key themes in these stories, and to write and assemble them into engaging anthologies, publications and resources.

She is warm, attentive and curious, and wants to ensure people’s stories are never forgotten. She brings this level of attention to her own writing, and produces work that reveals the poignant and profound in the ordinary and everyday.

She has written publications and resources for NGOs, the philanthropic sector, government departments, educational institutions, as well as arts and charitable organisations. She has taught writing and communication skills at universities and institutes in Australia, China and Thailand.

Tricia has completed postgraduate studies in professional writing and editing, philosophy and applied ethics, and is also a qualified teacher. At present she lives on a 2 acre property in Central Victoria, Australia, surrounded by an array of wildlife.

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